Dinner Party #2: Chinese New Year 2017

Each year, we celebrate Chinese New Year by hosting a Reunion dinner for both family and friends.

As we usually have between 20-35 guests, dinner is served buffet style. I like my guests to have a wide selection so I serve between 12-15 dishes including appetisers and desserts.

Most of the desserts are made by my girlfriends as I tend to run out of time and frankly, am not enamoured with the artistry of baking.

Chinese cuisine takes a lot of preparation in terms of marinating the meats and slicing and dicing veggies and stuff. Total prep and cooking time for this dinner took me 18 hours.

Some may find this stressful but it’s cheap therapy for me and feeding people makes me happy.

Here’s the menu.

Timing schedule

Day before

Starting off with a clean kitchen workbench

Chop & Marinate chicken wings

Chicken satay sticks (70 sticks) – Make satay marinade, dice chicken and skewer.

Make Five spice pork mixture and mashed potato

Make Spring roll mixture – shredded carrot, mushroom, beans, yam bean

On the day

12 hours to go

Wrap spring rolls

Prep vegetables – broccoli florets, snow peas & shredded cabbage

Prep bee hoon veggies – choy sum, mushrooms, beans

Prep Yu Shang veggies – cucumber, carrot, daikon & grapefruit

Make Chinese cabbage salad – Chinese cabbage, celery, cucumber, capsicum, spring onion

Prep Fish curry veggies, ladyfingers, cut brinjal, onion

Boil ribs. Marinade at least 6 hours.

Fry Cooked cabbage with anchovies

4 hours to go

Fry bee hoon – bean sprouts, beans, choy sum, carrots & shitake

Cube beef. Make rendang paste & pressure cook

2 hours to go

Boil pork belly, prick & season. Dry skin. Put in oven.

Cook plain rice (5 cups)

Roast chicken wings

Grill spare ribs in turbo broiler

Slice Salmon & plate up Yu Shang

1 hour to go

Deep fry spring rolls & croquettes

Grill satay sticks

Make fish curry

Stir fry Broccoli, snow peas and scallops

The completed pics

Five spice pork croquette

Fish prosperity platter

Cooked cabbage with anchovies

Vegetarian bee hoon

Roast pork belly

Chicken winglets – crumbed & baked

Broccoli, snow peas and scallops

Roast duck

Beef rendang

Spicy Pork ribs

Fish curry

Fruit salad



Sticky date pudding



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