Melbourne Cup 2016

I’ve always wanted to attend the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival and I was finally able to tick it off my bucket list last year.

Along with 10 others, we descended on Melbourne en masse with our pretty frocks, fascinators, fancy suits, sensible heels and shiny shoes.

The only way to experience Melbourne Cup is with a group of mates as, long after the event is over, you can still reminisce with them. Not that you can’t with your partner if you attend as a couple. It’s just more fun.

A critical requirement is the ability to walk long distances from the hotel to train station to Flemington and back.

As we didn’t fancy spending 4 full days at the races, we opted for the Victoria Derby day and Melbourne Cup day. To truly experience the sights and sounds, we chose to hang out in the Precinct on Victoria Derby day and splashed out at the Skyline restaurant on Melbourne Cup day.

Both locales had pros and cons mainly centred around food and views of the racing action.

Victoria Derby day, 2016

The weather was perfect 25C and clear skies. We arrived just before the first race started and grabbed a table near the bookmakers.

We were all dressed in the black and white theme for the day and the guys had to remove their suits as it was far too hot to wear them. As the day progressed, a few racegoers became very intoxicated and I would say a few were also dehydrated from lack of water.

As seasoned “party animals”, we wisely alternated between 1 alcoholic beverage followed by 1 bottled water. At the end of the day, the grounds were littered with bottles, wrappers and several passed out punters.

We did enjoy the rainbow coloured alcoholic slushies. The food stands weren’t memorable as I can’t even remember what we ate.

The fashions on the field provided us with lots of visual cues and hilarious moments. I have to say the flower cap lady wins best hat of the day.

Melbourne Cup day, 2016

The food at Skyline was ho hum as in party catering grade and not restaurant quality although they did ensure I wasn’t served any nuts, prawns, crabs or cream based desserts. I guess I can’t be too critical about the food quality as the kitchen had to do about 400 covers.

Our waiter pulled a disappearing act at the start of service and we ended up having to get drinks for ourselves. It was towards the end of the day after we mentioned the lack of service that all of a sudden we had very attentive wait staff on call. Too little too late in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t recommend the Skyline package.

The Hill stand seats directly opposite the winning post has gorgeous views of the Melbourne skyline.

Here’s a video I took from the Hill stand. Dami Im was performing live on the grounds. Check out what she was wearing on the day.

We were a bunch of happy tired campers at the end of the day. Pics of post race train trip.

All in all, the Melbourne Cup Carnival has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Ps. You have to bet on at least one horse per race and I did get a thrill when a horse I picked came in second place. Donations to the bookies are always guaranteed and try to set a limit on how much you’re betting. As a once a year punter, $100 is my limit lol.



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