Lunch at the Corner House, Singapore

When we were in Singapore in April 2016, we took my aunt to the Corner House to celebrate her birthday.

I had read about the restaurant ethos and Chef Jason’s Kaya toast and was keen to dine there.

Prior to arriving at the restaurant I had informed them of my various food allergies and intolerances.

I was pleased to note that the kitchen was well prepared to cater for whatever dishes I wanted sans Crustacea and nuts. It was a good outcome for me as I left the restaurant without experiencing an allergic reaction.

Lovely setting, good food, attentive and polished wait service – what more can diners want?

Corner House also restored my faith in fine dining establishments after my unfortunate experience at Wildflower, Perth a few weeks earlier.

I will continue with this review by letting the pics tell the story.

What we ate

Amuse Bouche




the famous Kaya toast – simply decadent

Petit four

What we drank

Yes, they were non alcoholic beverages as we needed to detox after the previous night’s festivities.


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