Lazy Dinner Tonite #7

Lor Mai Kai aka Sticky Glutinous Rice with chicken and Chinese sausage

I’ve always wanted to try making this dish as most restaurants tend to have dried shrimps in the rice mix.

After pouring over 6-10 recipes using various methods, I decided on the rice cooker version but the rice ended up a little on the undercooked side so I had to put the whole lot into the pressure cooker and cook for 2 minutes. Final result was still tasty but a bit on the gooey side lol. I think it was because I overloaded the rice cooker with too much ingredients. Served the dish with a side of broccolini.

On my second attempt I went down the pressure cooker path and 12 minutes was too long and everything came out mushy. I was overcome with frustration as I wanted to have the perfect recipe for this dish.

After this failed attempt, I realised I should have cooked the rice in rice cooker first then add other ingredients and use the “steam” mode on rice cooker. Doh! I totally forgot about the steam function.

2 cups glutinous rice (I don’t see the point in presoaking the rice)

2 cups water

1 chicken stock cube

Sesame oil

Minced garlic

Cook the rice and above ingredients in rice cooker. Use the sticky/sweet rice setting .

Half a pack of 375g Chinese sausages, sliced diagonally

3 Shallots sliced and fried till browned.

Fry sausage slices till crispy and set aside.

8 Dried Chinese mushrooms soaked and sliced in half

Chicken marinade

400g boneless chicken thighs, cut into chunky strips

2 tsp Ginger paste

2 tsp Garlic paste

3 tbsp Chinese Rice wine

2 tbsp Dark soy sauce

2 tbsp Light soy sauce

1 tsp Ground White pepper

3 tbsp Stone’s ginger wine

2 tbsp cornflour

Combine together and marinade for at least 30 minutes

When rice is cooked, fluff it up. Layer with mushroom slices, Chinese sausages, shallots and chicken marinade.

Close lid and set rice cooker to “steam”, approximately 30 minutes.

When done, mix 2 tbsp dark soy and 2 tbsp kecap manis through the rice.

Fill a bowl with the mixture and invert on plate to serve.

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